Analyzing the basic technical information, we will deliver a PRELIMINARY PROPOSAL indicating which SFS® systems are feasible to be used in your architectural project.


1.- SKETCH of the layout of the architectural project, preferably in AUTOCAD version 2018.

2.- General description of the project, indicating to what depth it is intended to reach below the sidewalk level and to what height above the sidewalk level, mentioning how many levels will be underground and how many above the sidewalk level. And what type of subsoil is being considered.

3.- Description of the problem to be solved, that you consider that our company can collaborate with you.


In addition to the previously listed, the topographical survey of the property is required, where the foot print of the building is shown. .-

*.- Geotechnical Report (in case you do not have it, we can quote the execution of it).

*.-Description of the boundaries, indicating what type of structure and foundation they have.

*.-Desired timeline for preliminary project, executive project and intended construction timeline. If possible, specific dates.

A certified professional engineer will contact you as soon as possible.